1883 A Miller And Yoder Doctors Buggy

Description:  Your guess is a good as mine but it’s pretty cool.

Price:  $Make Offer

Mileage:      VIN:      Body Style:  Coupe    Doors:  2

Vehicle Features

Engine:  1 Horse ( Not Included )

Transmission:  4Wheel Pull

Drive Train:  Horse Power Driven

Accessory Package:  1 Skeleton and Streamers

Comfort And Convenience:  What Else Could You Want

Safety And Security:  Who would want to steal this thing

Seats And Seating:  Custom Velour Interior

Braking And Traction:  Just Pull The Reins In

Steering:  Pull the reins left or right

Entertainment And Instruments:  You’ll get laughed at alot

Roof And Glass:  It has a Roof

Cargo And Towing:  Front Towing Recommended

Wheels And Tires:  Steel Wheels

Lighting:  Yes

Exterior And Trim:  Yes it has a Exterior